Krystina Carr


Somatic Practitioner
& Trauma Specialist


I am dedicated to offering body-oriented sessions for trauma resolution, nervous system regulation, grief support and embodiment work.

This bottom up approach to healing trauma and relating to our grief, works with our natural biology to move us from survival adaptations and conditioning to a place of embodied clarity. From this place we have more choice, self compassion, and empathy.

I believe that healing starts with coming home to ourselves. Being able to feel safe in our own bodies happens when we take radical self accountability, along with compassion for our humanness and the ebbs and flows of life. In this work we learn how to truly be with ourselves.

From this level of healing, we can step into service of our community and stewardship of the natural world.

This work can support:

  • Trauma
  • Developmental Trauma
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Self esteem
  • Grief
  • Embodiment and connection to oneself
  • Connection to others

Our work together might look like:

  • Somatic awareness
  • Parts work
  • Re-parenting
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Visualization
  • Grief rituals
  • Resourcing
  • Communication skills
  • Attachment repatterning
  • Remote bodywork


  • Would you like to feel more in touch with your body and your intuition?
  • Do you have habits you know aren’t healthy, but feel fearful without them?
  • Have you had some growth in talk therapy, and sense there’s another layer of healing to be explored?
  • Do you feel stuck in stress response patterns & habits you don’t understand?
  • Do you want to feel more capacity to be present when you’re calm & when you’re upset?
  • Do you want to be in crowds without feeling scared or anxious?
  • Do you want to be able to express yourself and feel okay about it, even if it’s not accepted?

Do you want to feel secure in yourself, able to love people more than you thought you could, show up in service, and have a positive impact on the world?

What is Trauma & How Do I Work with It?


Trauma is anything too much, too soon, too fast—anything painful and scary.

Often, we think about shock trauma: acute events like the sudden death of a loved one, sexual assault, natural disasters, or an accident.

But there are many kinds of trauma: relational (not feeling seen, heard, or acknowledged), intergenerational (difficulties of our parents or ancestors), collective (systemic and institutional oppression).

We each have a unique story, and I would love to support you in making friends with and healing your wounds for greater agency and trust in yourself and the world.


Our rational brain is what makes us human, but it can also disrupt our body’s natural responses, creating patterns of avoidance and fear, even when there’s no longer a threat to our safety.

Animals that aren’t domesticated are able to move through difficult and scary experiences because they don’t second-guess their biology. For example, when a rabbit is attacked by a predator in a field, it doesn’t then avoid fields, developing habits of phobia or numbness; instead, it gives itself space to complete the fear cycle and clear any potential trauma.

I use the modality of Somatic Experiencing (developed by Dr. Peter Levine), in which I can support you to grow your body’s capacity for stimulus, by way of feeling discomfort, while also leaning into the felt sense of safety and comfort.

We can find compassion in the fact that our body wants to do things for a reason. We can safely and gently allow our rational brain to get out of the way so our body can do what it needs to do, while being seen and held in a nonjudgmental, trusting space.


What is an attachment style? How do attachment styles form in our nervous systems?

We respond to different people differently, but most of us have a primary way of relating – together, we’ll find clarity around your relational habits: with partners, family, friends, the guy at the grocery store.

Do you find yourself repeating patterns in relationship? We’ll explore why that might feel safe, even if it’s no longer what you want. We’ll explore your embodied knowledge of your true boundaries and needs. We’ll support your system to no longer abandon itself in an effort to make sure everyone else is comfortable.

Or maybe you feel confused in relationship—you want people to be close, but you also don’t. We’ll explore how to recognize when old tendencies are coming up in relationship, how to dialogue with that, and how to move toward security in yourself and in all of your connections.


Your nervous system doesn’t understand time, so if it is reminded of something scary, it’s going to react as if it’s still happening.

Your body has had to respond to distressing situations to keep you safe.

Often these responses turn into habits that may no longer serve us or the people around us, but together we can honor that these responses are natural and intelligent, while helping you feel safe enough to start to shift.


We are human. In our work together, we will embrace that humanness by learning to stay present with intense experiences and feelings, and, in staying present, find compassion for ourselves.

We have permission to be messy, to have difficult emotions, to be big, to be attached, to be impacted by the ebbs and flows of our lives. When we stop fighting against our truth, our responses can come out in ways that are clean and helpful for ourselves and others. When we work out some of the judgment and shame around our experience, we can be coherent, empowered, trustworthy, and self-accountable.

We will gently uncover places that are asking for healing, navigate and repattern them, and integrate them into everyday life.

Your wounds can truly become your resources.

About Krystina

It is my honor and privilege to support you in your healing journey; to be with you in your fear, sadness, and joy; to watch as clarity, self-love, and agency are restored through learning the language of the body and discovering safety in intimacy with ourselves and our loved ones.

“The body communicates to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen.”

Shakti Gawain

For me, somatic work is personal. Learning how to relate to myself and heal from family and developmental trauma has, quite literally, given me life. I have dedicated my life to learning why humans do what we do and how to work with and live in this body.

I’ve been fascinated from a young age by holistic living. This fascination has led me to study movement arts (dance, yoga, martial arts), manual therapy (eventually becoming a licensed massage therapist and teaching assistant), exercise science, and eventually Somatic Experiencing, a modality for regulating the nervous system and integrating trauma.

In my free time, I dance, sing, rollerskate at the skate park, find natural bodies of water, and watch cat videos. I can get lost in a good audiobook and my love language is cooking.

I would love to help you become more intimate with your nervous system and attachment system, and discover the balance of empathy and boundaries that leads to more and more ease in your life.


SEP, Somatic Experiencing International
DARe, Level 1, Alicen Halquist
Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Integral Somatic Psychology, Raja Selvam
Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga in State College

What Clients Say

The tools and strategies I’ve learned throughout our sessions have impacted my life in deep and tangible ways. I didn’t have to wait for years of psychological counseling to find this work showing up in my life. The direct impact this work has had on my close relationships with my parents, siblings, friends and colleagues has been tremendous, and allowed me to start moving beyond a sense of shame that has permeated my interactions throughout adulthood.


When I was first referred to Krystina, I was experiencing an overwhelming everyday struggle with symptoms of PTSD & Complex PTSD. Depression, anxiety, and chronic pain had been decade long companions of mine. I had, a year previous, started a talk therapy program that, while done with the best intentions, only exacerbated my symptoms as I felt unable to physically process what was being dug up. I had never heard of somatic experiencing but was desperate to know my own body again. The moment I met Krystina, I knew I was in good hands. I have felt safe and seen throughout the months that we worked together. She has guided and supported me through getting back in touch with myself and I no longer feel dominated by my trauma symptoms. Krystina is a gracious, compassionate, and talented SE practitioner who is sensitive to her client’s needs and experiences. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


SE has been such a profound and transformative experience for me and has truly changed my life. Krystina has been so wonderful to work with and I am so grateful to have her as a teacher and to guide me through SE. I had been searching for so long for something that could help change the way I think and live my life and SE has finally been what I was looking for. It is truly a profound way to heal and I would recommend it to anybody!


Krystina is profoundly talented. Her grounding framework of how/why we experience pain in our bodies allows her to honor the body’s present state while inviting opportunities for limitless healing. Time and time again she gracefully translates my messy articulations of what I’m feeling in my body into sessions that are both physically and energetically nourishing. I could go on and on about how incredible Kyrstina is, but experience is the best teacher. So I encourage you to make an appointment and bask in her magic for yourself.


She asks the perfect questions in the perfect way that allows a spaciousness for me to feel into what’s really going on, underneath the physical realm. I always leave my sessions with Krystina feeling refreshed, alive, and more like ME. I am so grateful for this woman and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a transformational session!



My rate is $160 for 50-minute sessions.

I’m currently taking new clients over Zoom.

During a free 30-minute consultation call, we’ll talk about your needs, goals, and expectations. I’ll answer any questions you have and we’ll make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

To schedule our consultation, contact me using the contact form or by email. I look forward to connecting with you.

Unfortunately, I don’t take insurance, but your sessions may be covered by HSA or FSA accounts.